Clubs & Organizations

Bringing students together to make a lively campus community

Many organizations have a great impact on society and had their roots in a student club or organization.

Current student organizations and clubs reflect the broad range of interests of Prescott College students, from the environment and social justice to the arts, to fire dancing and contra dancing, to Capoeira and ultimate frisbee. 

Student Organizations

Student Organizations are ongoing projects that have grown from various independent studies and senior projects into micro-businesses. Most of these organizations operate with the support of Prescott College under the management of current students and graduates. Each student organization is offered space on campus to meet and work.

Student Clubs

Prescott College encourages students to form clubs and to join clubs as part of their academic and personal journey at the College.

Event Announcements 

Prescott College encourages students to submit event announcements to the College’s online, moderated Calendar of Events. Let the Advancement Office know about senior projects, community service, internships, publications, and scholarships. All postings to campus bulletin boards must be stamped for approval by the Library before posting. 

Clubs and Organizations

Black Student Union

In this organization we want to foster a fun and safe environment that engages our students in discussion on issues affecting us and the our surrounding communities. We hope to educate our members then challenge them to take action, whether it be internal or external. We hope to lead by example and push students to be better than their best. We hope to show past generations that we will take charge of our future, dismantle the negative stereotypes, build and secure our sense of community, and influence the world as a whole. Our vision for BSU is to serve the Prescott College Campus with cultural, educational, and social initiatives as we aim to build leaders, promote unity and contribute to student success.  PURPOSE:The Black Student Union of Prescott College strives to achieve the following goals and purposes:

1) To ensure that all African-American and other minority students are fairly treated and have the same rights and privileges as majority students at Prescott College.

2) To educate the Prescott College Community about the culture and heritage of the African-American community.

3) To work hand in hand with the Office of Student Life and Admissions to recruit and retain minority students. The Black Student Union hopes to increase the percentage of minority students attending Prescott College.

4) To help Prescott College increase the number of minorities working as Prescott College administrators, faculty and staff members.

5) To increase the membership of both majority and minority students in this organization.6) To promote togetherness and unity within the Prescott College African-American Community.

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Devin Davis:

Garden Club

Prescott College's Garden Club is committed to growing food, building community, and sharing knowledge through regenerative agriculture practices including agroecology, restoration agriculture, and permaculture among others.

 The Garden Club meets every Wednesday at 4.

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Megan Gladbach:

Helping Understand Bicycles (HUB)

HUB is a community space where students and community members can come to learn about bikes, fix bikes, even build bikes. HUB provides space, tools, donation parts, and friendly help to anyone who wants to get themselves on two wheels.

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Martha Campbell:

Kino Bay Bioacoustics Research and Education Program

Bioacoustics research and education program in Kino Bay.

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Aileen Hardcastle:

Mi Familia

Mi Familia continues to build community for the Prescott College Latinx and indigenous students, staff, and community members. Our group aims to create a safe space for our community and to provide socialization, support, information, networking, and family.

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Carmen Francesco:

Music Club

A space for all those interested in music to get together and learn.

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James Holderer:

Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge

The ON Campus Challenge is a 6 week competition for the most Outdoorsy University and this year we are one of 98 competing schools. Each of the six weeks has a theme and prize giveaways from sponsors such as: The North Face, Osprey, REI, Backpacker's Pantry, Chaco and many more. We will organize weekly events with students, faculty and Prescott community members to motivate the "get outside" movement and show off our incredible college nationwide!

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Samantha Marsh:

PC Cycling (Prescott College Cycling)

The Prescott College Cycling Club is the official student club for cycling activities that do not take place within an academic course. PC Cycling provides a venue for students who are interested in working together to develop and sustain cycling activities, bike-based education, advocacy, and outreach at Prescott College. Membership to the PC Cycling is open to staff and faculty members as well. 

PC Cycling houses and supports the success of Prescott College's intercollegiate cycling team(s) recognized by USA Cycling. Membership to the Racing Team is open to all Prescott College students. Prescott College is a Division II affiliate of USA Cycling. PC Cycling operates under USA Cycling guidelines and rules.

More Information:
Prescott College Cycling page
Prescott College Cycling website
Prescott College Cycling scholarship

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PC Soccer Club

PC Soccer Club provides a welcoming soccer community for Prescott College students, staff, and friends. As a club we participate in local soccer leagues and pick-up games at no cost to the players. Our main goal is to come together for fun and play with a diverse group of players, at all levels of play.

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Chloe Clemens: Carmen Francesco:

Peer Education & Resource Center (P.E.R.C.)

The Peer Education & Resource Center (PERC) is a peer-to-peer support center that supports students who may have academic troubles, emotional concerns, relationship problems, or who need other types of help. PERC also puts on programs to benefit the Prescott College community.

Peer Educators organize

Information about community resources 

Educational programs and workshops 

One on one peer support 

Resource library 

Social events

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Stephanie Doss:

Queer Student Union

The Queer Student Union (QSU) is a non-hierarchical collective of LGBTQ+ students dedicated to transforming cis-centric heteronormative culture and building a sustainable, anti-oppressive, liberatory, supportive, and fun community on campus. 

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Kye Davolt:

The PC Student Food Bank:

Serves all PC students who need help with basic food and school supplies.

Operates on charitable donations received from PC students, staff, faculty, community members and local organizations

Provides community leadership & volunteer opportunities for PC students

Distributes 100% of its food and other necessities to PC students for free

What We Need:

Whenever possible, healthy, non-processed foods are preferred.

Non-perishable or durable food, like hard cheeses, fresh and canned fruits & vegetables, canned soup, sugar, honey, flour, oils (vegetables, canola, olive, etc.), pasta, rice, grains, and cereals, nut butters, canned or pouch fish (tuna, kippered herring, salmon, etc.), dry or canned beans, mac & cheese, biscuit/muffin/pancake mixes, crackers, popcorn, desserts, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, razors, etc.! Gift cards from the Crossroads Cafe and nearby grocery stores are also appreciated!

Also- basic school supplies, like notebooks, portfolio binders, paper, pencils, and pens, colored pencils, and basic backpacks for books

How it Works -

To Donate: Drop off your donations at the Student Activities Center anytime its open (see hours posted on Activities Center Door).

To Get Food or Essential Supplies: The PC Student Food Bank supplies are available for free at the Student Activities Center for PC students who are out of food, basic supplies, and lack the money to buy food. The food bank runs on the honor system, and no questions asked. We ask that when your situation improves, you become a PC Student Food Bank donor and replenish what you can.

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Emily Breitbach (Student Representative):

Lauren Twohig (Student Representative):

 Student Leadership Organizations

There are many avenues for student involvement at Prescott College.

Student Union Board (SUB)

All enrolled students are members of the Student Union who then elect members to the Student Union Board (SUB). Weekly SUB meetings are the main forum for students to discuss and debate College issues and policies. College officials regularly attend the weekly meetings. Members of SUB working closely with the Student Events Coordinator.

SUB endorses and supports a variety of activities and student-run organizations, and is responsible for disbursing funds collected from student activity fees. Proposals to receive funding from SUB for events, clubs and senior projects may be submitted and deadlines will be advertised via College e-mail.

Board of Trustees & College Committees

One student per year serves on the Board of Trustees, and students may also serve on various College-wide committees.

Contact Us

Student Union Board E-mail:
Student Leadership and Event Coordinator: (928) 350-1006.